11 Paleo Fat Bomb Recipes

Fat bombs are pretty much a staple of any low-carb type diet, specially the ketogenic diet in which you must meet your required amount of fat in a day.  A fat bomb is basically a small, delicious treat, made mostly of fat.  They come in handy when you are still hungry, want something sweet, or need to meet your fat needs!
I love to make fat bombs to eat after a meal for a small desert.
Be careful!  These fat bombs are soooo good, that you may want to dip into your whole stash and eat them all.  Check out more awesome fat bombs to meet your nutritional and dietary needs below

Paleo Fat Bombs

Chocolate Coconut Caps By Keto Summit
Cinnamon Bun Bars By Ditch The Wheat
Lemon Fat Bombs By Keto Diet App
Coconut Delights By Whole New Mom
Bulletproof Coffee Drops By A Girl Worth Saving
Chocolate Fat Bombs By Living Well Mom
English Toffee By Keto Girl Blog
Coconut And Cinnamon By Grass Fed Girl
Matcha Coconut Fat Bombs By The Healthy Foodie
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