16 Natural Ways To Get Fast Relief For A Cold And How To Protect Yourself Against Future Attacks

It’s that time again!  Our least favorite time of the holiday seasons is when we get a nasty cold or flu.  Sure there are several over the counter drugs that are available for some relief, but are they actually helping germs get stronger and building up those germs for future attacks.  Just as plants, animals, and humans have revolutionized, so do germs.  So why not try some natural ways to relieve those cold and flu symptoms and
keep them away!  You can also switch up these remedies so the germs don’t learn the typical pattern and are able to fight back against it.  There are also several different varieties of germs, so we want to use a couple of remedies to make sure we kick those germs in the butt and suffer the least we can.

Maybe your mothers always said, “you better put warm clothes on before you catch a cold.”  I know mine always did!  Truth is, it isn’t the cold weather that gets us sick, its actually some of our habits in the cold weather months.  We often spend more time indoors and surrounded by others when it is chilly out because who really wants to be outside in a blizzard.  Being surrounded by others in closer quarters and more often, make us more susceptible to pass on germs.  Viruses and germs actually do better in dry and cold conditions, making this is the perfect storm!
Try some or all of these remedies below.  I actually will do one of each when I have a cold and I am cured within 3 days!

17 Cold Remedies:

For a sore throat

1. Put 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil on your tongue and press your tongue to the back of your throat.  I do        this at least 2 times a day until my throat is healed.
2.  Add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil or Cinnamon Leaf essential oil to your favorite tea.
3.  Make a throat spray (Salt, CloveCinnamon LeafLemon, and Eucalyptus essential oils)
4.  Apple Cider Vinegar and honey– This vinegar has so many amazing properties that we should really take a tablespoon of this every day.  Mix a tablespoon of ACV with 1 cup of warm water and a teaspoon of honey (also helps with the flavor), and drink the mixture down.  The antibacterial properties in ACV and honey will help to relieve a sore throat

For a headache

5.  Blend 2 drops of Peppermint, 2 drops of Lavender, 1 drop of Eucalyptus, and 1 drop of Rosemary, with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.  Rub this mixture on your temples every couple of hours until the pain passes.
6.  Feverfew and butterbur – These herbs are actually used to make medicine.  They help to take away the pain, nausea, and any sensitivities to light and sound.  The easiest way to take these herbs is in capsule or tablet form.
7.  Take a bath – Set up a hot bath, add a cup of baking soda or Apple Cider Vinegar , and add a couple of drops of essential oils ( Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Frankincense are all great).  This mixture will help to draw toxins out of your body, while relaxing you at the same time.

For a stuffy nose

  Mix 4 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Tea Tree into a pot of hot water.  Put a towel over your head and the pot to inhale the steam.  The oils in this mixture really help to clear up that runny nose.
9.  Take a hot shower – The steam from the shower can help to clear the nasal passage and drain mucus from the nose.
10.  Neti Pot – This is one of my not so favorite, but it absolutely works!  A Neti Pot will help to clear the nasal passage of mucus.

For a Cough

11.  Rub a couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil on your chest.
12.  Homemade honey cough syrup – you can do this by mixing tablespoon of honey and a little bit of lemon juice together.  If you can’t muscle the lemon juice, then just make a lemon tea.  The properties in both of these will help ease the soreness and reduce inflammation.
13.  Tea – There are a couple of different teas you can try.  Maybe get all of them and have a cup of each one until the cough is gone.  Make a concoction of black pepper tea and honey – mix 1 teaspoon of ground pepper, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 12 oz of hot water.  Thyme Tea – this herb is great for a cough, the calming compounds relax tracheal and reduce inflammation.

Sip on some tea

14.  Echinacea tea with immune support – This is probably my favorite tea because it feels like it is placing this film over your throat and it just feels great to have some relief.  Echinacea is a herb that is able to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.
15.  Lemon tea – lemons contain vitamin C and antioxidants which are extremely useful when fighting off infections.  I like to also add a little bit of honey to my lemon tea to cut down on the sour taste and get a little bit of antibacterial help.
16.  Licorice Root tea – This root has properties similar to aspirin and can help to relieve a sore throat.

Protect yourself against future attacks

Before I started my little health journey, I would often get sick if someone else in my household was sick.  I think this holds true for many as well!  We might have even pushed our kids and significant other away in order to not get sick or get them sick too.  And that option doesn’t quite work when you have little ones who needs mama’s help to get better.  So this is where we need to really pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies, making sure we are getting enough nutrients to protect ourselves against these viruses.
I literally logged what I ate for the longest time while I figured out what I was doing, seeing how many carbs, sugars, sodium, calories, and whatever else I was tracking to see where to start!  Now, I have a set diet, the recipes I use contain so many vegetables, that I don’t need to pay attention to much anymore.  I am even able to cuddle and be all lovey dovey with my boyfriend when he is sick, without me getting sick!

Here are 5 of my little tips

1. Avoid processed foods.

These foods do nothing for you.  They are mainly there to taste good and get you addicted to buy more.  If you read the back of any of these labels you will see the lack of nutrients.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This one is no joke!  I was once told by a doctor that I will have sinus problems forever, which I accepted as the normal and went on with life for many years.  When I started my health journey in 2012, I would try out any new trend out there, so I tried the ACV trend.  I was taking this daily, but nothing stood out, I just hoped and prayed that it was doing something inside of my body for me.  Maybe helping me look younger and live longer, I don’t know, I was just hoping!  It wasn’t until I went on a 7 day vacation, which I splurged on anything and everything, putting whatever looked delicious in my mouth.  And I of course didn’t bring my bottle of ACV, that would be weird, it’s vacation.  About the 5th day into this vacation, I noticed my sinus issues were returning, if you care to know, I was also stuffy and mucousy in the morning.  When I returned home and started taking ACV again, my symptoms were gone!  I only ever suffer from these symptoms if I miss about 5 days of taking this.  Try it!  I dare you! 

3. Multi-vitamin

Many of us are not getting all of the essential vitamins we needs to fight back against germs, that is why it is important to take a multi-vitamin.  If we eat healthy and avoid processed foods, our bodies can take in that nutrient and is able to protect us.  To help our bodies and to make sure we have enough nutrients in our system, start taking a multivitamin.  This may require a little more research on your part as there are tons of vitamins out there.  Some brands are specific to a certain condition like acne, hair, skin, age, etc.  You have to find what you need and want out of your vitamins.  When you have that information go ahead and talk to a specialist, they will point you in the right direction and a great supplement for your needs.  I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), so I had taken pre-natal vitamins because they contain a ton of nutrients, but then I had found Source of Life!  They are like horse pills, but they contain a ton of nutrients and contain a lot of what I need for my condition.

4. Sleep

Get your rest!  And don’t make excuses.  Even a few nights of uninterrupted sleep has proven to wear down the body and invite in germs.  Your body is like a battery that is constantly working and needs energy.  When batteries are almost dead, your electronics wear down and don’t work as good as they did.  This is the same as your body when it is running on 10%, it can’t fight back and illness that it might come across.  Maybe you have a new baby or puppy, which is causing you a lot of sleep interruption, just ask some questions.  Can your significant other help?  Can a family or friend help to babysit?  Can I take my baby or puppy to a day care so I can get some Z’s?  Or maybe just find a place to nap at work on your lunch break!

5. Exercise

Just like eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and increasing your nutrients, we need to exercise regularly as well to stay germ free.  I can’t say it enough, your body and what you put in it, are the most important things to living a healthy lifestyle!  Your body needs to be fit and strong to be able to fight off those germs.  There has been studies done that show those who exercise, get ill less.  Find an activity that you like doing, and do it.  You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise and be fit, just go for a walk with some pals or even your puppy (which will wear them out as well, letting you get some rest), do some yoga or stretching for a light work, join a league for your favorite sport, etc..

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How do you keep from getting sick or remedy it naturally when you do? Share your tips below!