5 Top Uses for Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage or Salvia Sclarea is a herbaceous perennial that grows from May to September. It can be found in the northern Mediterranean Basin and in some northern African and Central Asian countries. Clary Sage has been used since ancient times as a medicinal herb and still used today. The oil is also used in perfumes and flavoring for things like wine and liquors. Today this oil is considered to be the best oil for hormones in women because the oil is thought to help with menstrual cramps, hot flashes, and hormone imbalance conditions like PCOS.
Please remember, I am just sharing my experiences with my essential oil collection and how they have helped me.
There are so many other uses for Clary Sage, let’s check out what it’s great for:


1. Menstrual cycle and hormone balance

This essential oil regulates the menstrual cycle by balancing hormone because it contains phytoestrogens or estrogens. The oil balances out the excess estrogen in hormonal related issues like PCOS and infertility. It helps the ill symptoms of a menstrual cycle like PMS (premenstrual syndrome), bloating, cramps, mood swings, and those lovely food cravings. Clary Sage is also great to reduce any mental side effects from a menstrual cycle and labor like the anxiety and fear.
Clary Sage can best fight these symptoms with aromatherapy. Mix Clary Sage with other essential oils to help reduce these symptoms like ChamomileMarjoramCinnamonGinger, and Geranium. These oil blends can be massaged into the abdomen with a carrier oil (Coconut Oil, Olive oil, or jojoba oil) for the best results.

2. Mental Health (depression, insomnia, addiction)

If you are suffering from a mental health disorder, Clary Sage can come to your rescue. It is a natural sedative, which will help calm you and give you a peaceful feeling for those suffering with insomnia. If you aren’t sleeping well, chances are other parts of your body and mental health are effected as well. Then it just becomes a constant circle of no sleep, depression, stress, anxiety, no sleep, and so on. This oil has euphoric properties which can give you a feeling of happiness.

Getting a great night sleep is important to our mental and physical health to deal with the everyday life. Take a warm bath before bed and add about 8 drops of Clary Sage. The oil has a very beautiful scent so I like to add a couple drops to my pillow at night to help me sleep. You can even diffuse a couple of drops of oil with other sleep aid essential oils (Lavender, BergamontChamomile,, and Ylang Ylang) next to your bed.

3. Gums and teeth

If you have been having issues with sore gums and the loss of teeth, give Clary Sage a try. This oil also has astringent properties which aids in helping to strengthen your gums, reduce the inflammation, and fight any infections that might be going on.
Apply 1-2 drops of Clary Sage to the affected area. If you do not like the taste, dilute it with a small amount of a carrier oil (Coconut Oil, Olive oil, or jojoba oil).

4. Skin and hair

Inflammation on your skin? Or maybe a rash? Try applying a couple drops of Clary Sage with jojoba oil on the affected area. The oil contains linalyl acetate which is a phytochemical that is found in the plant. It helps to reduce the inflammation, that contributes to dermatitis and infection on the skin. Clary Sage also strengthens and tones your skin and hair, which helps to prevent wrinkles, hair loss, and even promote hair growth. The balancing effect of this oil is great to regulate the reduction of oils on the skin, whether you have oily or dry skin. Clary Sage helps to limit the amount of sebum (or oil) produced as well as reducing dandruff on your sculpt.
Apply Clary sage with a carrier oil, preferably Almond oil for this use to help facilitate with maximum absorption.

5. Antiseptic and infections

Clary Sage reduces the growth and spread of bacterial and fungal infections. It is also great at stopping the bacteria from entering our body from anything we put in our mouths. This oil has been deemed great for protecting the colon, intestines, urinary tract, and excretory system because of its antibacterial properties.
Apply Clary Sage to an open wound so it does not get infected. It also will protect and heal any small wounds or cuts you may have to help your body recover quickly.

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