5 Ways To Keep Fit When Traveling

There are zero excuses for working out and staying fit while traveling for work or vacation! Okay so I am sure there are a few of you out there saying, “well it’s vacation so I am going to relax.” Well we all know how that goes upon your return home and trying to get back into that workout routine. I have been there a few times because I did nothing over vacation and it took me months to get back into the swing of things. Maybe you aren’t as lazy as me, but I have found it to be beneficial to work out while I am away, plus I feel super amazing after a workout!
Staying fit while traveling is definitely something everyone can do, whether you go to a gym, workout at home, using videos, or equipment.

Staying Fit While Traveling

  1. Check out gyms in local areas. Whether you are a gym rat or not, you can check in advance some of the local gyms in the area before you travel. Heck if you already have a gym membership, I promise you can find your gym in another location, unless it is a local one. AND if you don’t have a gym membership…this requires little to no work, check out gyms locally in the area and give them a call for rates. Many gyms will do a day per day rate or will even give you their monthly rates, that can be as low at $10. Even if you are only in town a few days, $10 is nothing! OR you can always check out the hotels chinsey fitness rooms for free!
         Top 5 Domestic and International Gyms
  • Gold’s Gym (25 countries and 737 locations) – North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and more.
  • Anytime Fitness (20 countries and 3,000 locations) – Everywhere! Literally! North America, Cayman Islands, Australia, Europe, South America, Mexico, Japan, and more.
  • Snap Fitness (18 countries and 2,000 locations) – Everywhere! North America, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, South America, and more.
  • Planet Fitness (5 countries and 14,000 locations) – US, Canada, Panama, Dominican, Mexico
  • Hard Candy Fitness (20 countries and 800+ locations) – Mexico City, Moscow, St. Peter’sburg, Sydney, Santiago, Rome, Milano, and more.
2. Bring fitness videos with you.  Workout videos are fun!  You can workout in your hotel room, alone, and with no one watching!  Hotels usually have a dvd player in their rooms, otherwise bring a small portable one with you to hook up to the television.  And if you don’t have a dvd player in the room or feel like carrying along more things on your trip, then go to the gym, load up You Tube videos, do some Tabata, or go for a walk/run!  But if you do have a dvd player in the room, then awesome!  Pack some of your favorite videos and get to it before the day begins.  It is best to workout in the morning to get it done with so you wont have to worry about it in evening or even miss your workout because new dinner plans were made or meetings when late or your going out to have some fun, or even just too exhausted from the long day!  Check out some of my favorite videos when I travel below.
         Fitness Programs and Videos to Check Out
3. YouTube.  We all have smart phones this day an age, so there is zero excuse to get away from working out while traveling.  Hotels and houses for rent all include Wi-Fi, its pretty much a selling point so don’t try the “I have no data excuse.”  You Tube is filled with tons of channels that you can easily search and filter to find whatever type of workout you want to do….Whether its a HIT workout, pilates, yoga, stretching, 30 minutes, 1 hour,  meditation, they have it all!
Check to see if the television you are using has screen casting.  If it does, screen cast your phone to connect with the television so you can easily complete your workout on a much larger screen!  If you can’t do phone casting, well simply dock your phone in the best place possible where you can easily see it without having to stop and squint, and where it won’t fall over.  Check out my favorite YouTube Channels.
  Top 5 Workout Channels For YouTube
4. Tabata Training.  It’s a timed interval method that alternates between 20-second intervals performed at maximum effort and 10-second stages of rest, repeated eight times for the ultimate exhaustive four-minute workout.  These are probably my favorite types of workouts as they are quick, challenging, intense and refreshing!  By the time you are exhausted doing 1 set of reps, you can rest, and move onto another body part, giving yourself a break, but still working at the same time!  You can create your own Tabata routines or follow a phone app’s daily routine.  If you create your own, try to get a full body workout in.  The great thing about Tabata is you can do it anywhere!  No television required for this one either!  Use the volume on your phone or computer and the app will ding after each interval for you.
5.  Go for a walk.  This is the simplest and easiest way to get fit while you are traveling!  There is no excuse to avoid taking a nice leisurely walk around outside or even inside around the hotel.  You won’t have to worry about finding gyms, using a hotel gym, finding any apps to use, complaining about no space in your room, or anything!

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