7 Tips For Eating Fast Food On a Diet

Life gets in the way of our diets sometimes.  Whether we are running around doing errands, busy after work, don’t have time to cook, or simply just want to grab something easy!  Every now and again I can get too lazy to cook, so I opt in on the local food choices.  Good thing a lot of chains offer somewhat healthy items these days!
There are many way to stick to your diet when eating out.
Here are some helpful tips to sticking to your diet while out of the house:
  • Stick to meat and vegetables. Read the ingredient list and opt out of high carb items.

  • Avoid the bun! Always! Depending where you are, ask for add in extra sides like avocado, bacon, and sauces.

  • Order a salad. Read the ingredients before ordering as many salads come with high carb ingredients like berries and croutons.  Ask for dressing on the side as many dressings are high in carbs.  Try to pick a dressing with an olive oil base and add nuts to your salad.  When you get the salad, remove any high carb or processed add-in’s like croutons.
  • Order baked, instead of fried.  Fried items have a wheat flour-based breading.  Many restaurants that serve chicken or fish typically have both options.  If they do not have baked, just try to remove as much breading as possibly when it is served.

  • Ask or request items. If you are unsure of ingredients in a dish, ask the server for more details or suggestions.  Many places now offer meals to be prepared a certain way (gluten-free, low-carb, etc.).  If those options are not listed, just ask the server if they can prepare your meal specially.
  • Read food labels. For a quick snack or on the go food, simply turn the product over and read the label.  Check the nutrition labels between each brand as well because sometimes there are huge differences of nutrients in each brand.

  • Check food labels online. Research the place you are planning to visit a head of time.  Many restaurants have their nutrition labels on their website and apps for customers to view.  This can be the most helpful when trying to decide on a dish or place to eat.

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