9 Most Popular Meal Kits For Your Diet Needs

How awesome are these meal kits!? I think they are one of the best services out there for so many different people. If you’re way too busy, way too lazy, learning to cook, or getting healthy, these kits are perfect. I personally love these because I am usually too lazy to cook all the time or I end up over shopping and not cooking the food I purchases, which expires if I don’t freeze it all, which now my freezer is full of frozen food and my cabinets filled with lots of pickled vegetables.
So speaking of that, all of these services out there can be great to break your budget or maybe even save you some money. THE GOOD NEWS is that all of these companies strive for healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. The recipes and meals are almost always healthy and good for you.
The problem with all of these services, is that there are sooooo many now a days and its time consuming to dig into and figure out what is best for you. BUT GOOD NEWS for you!!! I am obsessed with eating healthy and saving every penny, so I have spent time researching, putting together numbers, and trying some of these out for you! Ill point out some pros, cons, and even some costs breakdown. If there is a meal plan or kit that you haven’t seen or want the skinny on, shoot me a message!


I found FlexPro when I was looking for a meal kit myself. I told my boyfriend about this because he was also looking for a way to skip shopping and cooking, so he ended up ordering a weeks worth of meals! Since I am on a lower carb and paleo eating plan, I decided to contact the company because they weren’t listing fiber, and I wanted to see how many net carbs each meal was. I shared with them I have PCOS and wanted to know more about their meals and how interested I was in ordering from them. Instead of the company selling and pushing me to order, they were entirely honest and stated, FlexPro probably wasn’t best for me. I appreciated their honesty and I think that really says something about a company! My boyfriend’s first set of meals arrived….in which he continued to order about another 6 weeks worth….and here’s what we thought:


20 meals = $179
7 day fat trimmer = $134
7 day lean muscle = $199
*Cheapest price per meal is $8.95


• No shopping or cooking involved because all meals come prepared and frozen at your doorstep.
• Protein power treats taste amazing which are available with the daily plan or by themselves!
• They can customize slightly to restricted diets.
• They do offer a referral program for discounts on future meals.


• The packaging is very wasteful (meals arrive in large box, fancy heat/cool bag, dry ice, sturdy plastic containers).
• The breakfast meals didn’t change from week to week.
• Only offer 2 meal plans; fat trimmer and lean muscle.
• No deals on first time orders.
Overall: I love how honest the company is, they are super quick to get back to you, but these meals are more like glorified frozen dinners. You are better off getting frozen dinners at the grocery store for way cheaper with a bigger selection.  And they are shipped with way too much waste.


This company is not a meal kit or plan, but for $5 a month or $99 a year (be careful about that), they basically do the work for you. It can be pretty time consuming to meal plan, then shop, then cook right? Well Emeals does all of that for you! It is definitely a time saver out of your day for sure. Each week, they send you a breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan for each day of the week AND the shopping list for this. You can even go a step further to have selected grocery stores do the shopping for you with their online shopping. I use Woodman’s.


$5 a month (you pay $99 upfront)
  • FREE 14 day trial.


• No more trying to find recipes to cook!
• No more writing shopping lists!
• No more grocery shopping!
• They offer several different diet plans (vegan, low carb, paleo, keto, budget, clean eating, quick meals, and so many more!)
• Super cheap and definitely saves time and frustration out of your day.
• Can choose the recipes for a family of 4-6 or single plan.
• Recipes easily transferred to diet apps such as MyFitnessPal or Carb Manager.
• They offer a referral program for money off each month.


• Still have to cook your own food.
• Not the fault of Emeals, but I have had problems with missing products from my online shopping and had to go to the store anyways.
• If you do cancel with them, good luck getting the remaining balance of your $99.
Overall: After my boyfriend received his first FlexPro meals, I decided that wasn’t for me and I thought Emeals would be perfect! I mean I still have to cook all my own food, but the whole figuring out what to eat, making the list, and shopping sucked, so its great Emeals does that for you. I think this is a great service, it is just not for me! I typically cook on Sundays and Fridays, splitting all the dishes I make into 3 and 4 and eat that throughout the week. Emeals is set up for you to cook every single day, which I hate! So I essentially picked the family plan since it made so much food and since I did this, I didn’t use all the recipes each week, which made the shopping list irrelevant, and therefore no more online ordering. And lastly, I am cheap, so $99 for recipes wasn’t worth it to me, I tried to cancel, months later no refund, and I have now filed a fraudulent claim with my credit card company to try and get my money back.  Start your 14 day trial now.

Daily Harvest

I am super excited about Daily Harvest! They pretty much promote super foods. So a lot of the meals contain things like hemp seeds, chia seeds, greens, kimichi, and so on! This means that all the meals are super good for you!


Weekly – You select how many you want per week (6, 9, 12, and 24). The cost starts at $7.99 a cup, but the more you want a week, the cheaper each cup is.
Monthly – $167 for 24 meals each month
*Cheapest price per meal is $6.99 (get 3 meals free here)


• Products can be filtered by several different diets (low carb, paleo, vegan, keto, sugar free, etc).
• Products can be filtered by likes and dislikes (berries, chocolate, oats, nuts, etc).
• Products can be filtered by key benefits (cleansing, stress, immunity boosting, energizing, etc).
• These meals are whole, clean foods.
• Water and other things sometimes need to be added to these meals which make them great for traveling.
• The company is constantly adding new products which makes for a great selection.
• ALL Nutritional information on every product!!!!
• Referral program to get free meals for you and your friends.  3 FREE meals on your first order!


• These are definitely super food meals, so there are not much dinner/lunch choices except the soups and harvest bowls.
• Some prepping required like adding water to meals, but this can also be a pro as they are easy to travel with.
Overall:  Daily Harvest has options and that’s what I love about it! Between being able to pick how many meals a week to a month, to the different dietary needs, and even breaking it down to health needs, I think its awesome. The meals come completely fresh until you are ready to eat them, they also taste delicious by the way. I like to order 24 meals per month because then I don’t have to cook food for the weekend, nor does it go to waste then because either I decided to go out to eat, was out and about so I couldn’t eat at home, so it’s a perfect grab and go thing! To get 3 free cups go to Daily Harvest.

Martha and Marley Spoon Meals

Originally I was pretty excited for the Marth and Marley Spoon meals. The website sounded fantastic and this was surely going to be the meal kits I stuck with. The service part of this meal kit is great because you can pick how many meals a week so its easy for a meal prepper like me.
2 people: 2 recipes a week start at $48 and end at 4 recipes per week for $76 or $12 per meal
3-4 people: 2 recipes a week start at $76 and end at 4 recipes per week for $131 or $9.50 per meal
*$30 OFF your first order with code: JEOTN54
• You can select what recipes you want.
• Option to make your meals vegetarian.
• Lots of options to choose how many meals you want a week.
• Cook your own meals, if that’s your thing.
• $30 OFF your first order with code: JEOTN54
• You have to choose your own meals 10 days before they ship.
• The food is only guaranteed to last up to 4 days upon receiving it.
• Cook your own meals if you aren’t looking to do that.
Overall: If you choose this meal kit and stick with it, you can ultimately skip certain weeks, for if you go on vacation or away traveling, which I think is great. However, with these meal kits, they make you purchase a service before you can even see what you’re getting! Sorry, but I would like to see what the recipes look like before I know what I am getting myself into. I was also having issues paying so that was annoying. Anyways, I think Martha and Marley have a fine service. The food only lasting such a short time can be a good thing, if they are fresh products, you know they weren’t grown or made with a bunch of chemicals OR the packing, shipping, and delivery process is too long, in which the food becomes bad. I wouldn’t recommend this service as I think they have a little work to do!  Get $30 OFF your first order now.

Hello Fresh

This company was one of the first ones to really get into this business and drive it.
Classic Plan and Veggie Plan is $59.94 to $119.88/week or $9.99 per meal
Family Plan is $104.88/week or $8.74 per meal
*50% OFF your first order, click here.
• Cook your own meals if that’s what your into.
• Comes with cute little recipe cards.
• Selection of your own recipes that are customizable by diet type (vegetarian, low-calorie, quick, etc.).
• Lots of options to choose how many meals you want a week.
• Offer recipes for diet restrictions (nut, gluten, etc.).
• They sell wine and who doesn’t love wine!
• Nutrition information provided for every meal!
• 50% OFF your first order, click here.
• Cook your own meals if you aren’t looking to do that.
• They offer meals with diet restrictions, but you cannot filter the website.
• If you are a vegetarian they have few selections each week.
Overall: There actually wasn’t much I didn’t like about Hello Fresh, they have their shit together! The website is great and offers you to view the weeks menu so you have a small taste of what they offer. This company also sells wine and cookware, which I think is an awesome addition because it’s like a one stop shop for meals. Hello Fresh has a lot going for them, but if you’re a low carb counter like me, I literally had to click on each recipe and read the nutrition info and calculate everything out. If you’re looking for a healthier way to eat, minus the planning, and prepping, then Hello Fresh is for you! 50% OFF your first order, click here.

Hungry Root

Starter Set – which includes 3 meals (2 servings each), 4 sides, snacks or sweets – $70/week or $11.67 per meal
The Good Life – 5 meals (2 servings each) plus 5 sides, snacks or sweets – $99/week or $9.90 per meal
*$30 OFF your first order, click here.

• There is a filter for food by diet restrictions.
• There is a filter for food by breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, and sweets!
• Nutrition information is provided upon clicking on the food.
• They donate 1% of our profits and volunteer 1% of their time to support nutritional education and healthy eating.
• All meals are under 500 calories and ready in under 10 minutes.
• Customize your meals.
• All of their foods are vegan, gluten-free, high in nutrients, fiber and good fats, and low in sugar, sodium and calories.
•$30 OFF your first order, click here.
• Can only customize meals after you pay.
• Not many options to choose how many meals or snacks per week.
Overall: Much like Daily Harvest, Hungry Root has awesome filters on their website for diet restrictions! I really don’t have anything bad to say about Hungry Root. I think this is an awesome company, providing whole and healthy meals, little to no cooking, and comes with snacks (which I so so so love). For what you get, I think it’s a great deal for the Good Life Plan and totally worth it. For $30 OFF your first order, click here.

Purple Carrot

1-2 people (3 meals per week) – $72/week or $12 per meal
3-4 people (2 meals per week) – $80/week or $10 per meal
Performance Meals, 1-2 people ( 3 meals per week ) – $78/week or $13 per meal
*$20 OFF your first order.

• All plant base meals if that’s what you are looking for…this can be a con too!
• Total health and environmentally friendly focused company.
• Receive cute recipe cards!
• Cook your own meals if that’s what your into.
• Provide full list of ingredients.
• TB12 program for high performance meals which include recipes high in protein, gluten free, and limited soy.
• Discount on your first order. $20 OFF your first order.
• All plant based meals, if you’re a meat eater.
• Cook your own meals if you aren’t looking to do that.
• Not many options to choose how many meals or snacks per week.
• They don’t share nutrition information.
• Cannot filter on any food allergy like nut or soy.
Overall: I love that this company is environmentally focused. Many of these meal kits are shipped with big boxes, tons of dry ice, freezer/heat bags, and it’s just so much waste which is why I love Purple Root! They keep the waste down low and have a page on their website for up cycle and reusing products! If you are a vegetarian or looking to become one, this is the perfect meal kit for you. The prices are a little over average for most meal kits, but you know you’re getting good quality food and your doorstep! If you like meat then Purple Root is not for you.  Get $20 OFF your first order now.

Home Chef


$119/ week or $9.95 per meal
Smoothies and fruit baskets are $4.95 each
*$30 OFF first order and $10 OFF on second order
• Comes with a cute recipe book.
• 12 different meals weekly. You can mix and match based on your preferences!
• Many options to select how many recipes you want a week.
• Awesome customization settings when you set up.
• Cook your own meals if that’s what your into.
• $30 OFF first order and $10 OFF on second order
• Few selections for dietary restrictions.
• Cook your own meals if you aren’t looking to do that.
• Can only select meals after your first payment (I want to see meal options before I pay).
• No meal plans, all meals are $9.95 regardless (many other meal kits have family plans which become cheaper).
Overall: Home Chef compares to many of the cook at home meals. They promote themselves to be the cheapest meal kit out there, but I think that is a bit out of date considering I found other meal kits with cheaper options for the same number of meals a week! My boyfriend and I tried Home Chef and it was nice for a little while considering we didn’t have to shop anymore. We only really stopped our order from Home Chef because it wasn’t anything over the top and it’s cheaper to grocery shop ourselves. Their website is definitely a bit easier and quicker to navigate and find meals for yourself than some of the other cook at home meal kits!  Get $30 OFF your first order now.

Blue Apron

2 Person- Choose between 2 ($51.95) or 3 ($65.94) recipes per week or $10.99 a meal
4 Person- Choose between 2 ($79.92) or 3 ($107.88) or 4 ($143.84) recipes per week or $8.99 to $9.99 a meal

  • $40 Offer – Get $10 Off Each of Your First 4 Boxes!
• Their meat is Not fed antibiotics or hormones.
• They use non-GMO ingredients.
• They sell wine and kitchen tools!
• The products come from farms and producers, to Blue Apron, to your dinner table.
• Can choose dietary needs.
• Cook your own meals if that’s what your into.
• $40 Offer – Get $10 Off Each of Your First 4 Boxes!
• Cook your own meals if you aren’t looking to do that.
• Few selections to choose from if you have a dietary need.
• Nutrition information is not provided.
Overall: Blue Apron is another 1 stop shop where you can buy your food, wine, and kitchen tools if you need any! They are a little more on the pricey side, but at least your food isn’t being handled by a bunch of different middle men, it comes practically straight from the farm. I love how they offer grass-fed products and non-GMO ingredients, which drives me to want to order from Blue Apron. They have a lot going for them, but I want to see the nutrition information and better yet, be able to filter meals out. By their weekly menu, there are a lot of high carb items like bread and pasta, and fish. So if you have any eating restrictions, you may have very few selections!  Get $40 OFF your order now.

Best meal kit to cook at home:

Hello Fresh – They are the cheapest, provide the most options for diet types and restrictions, provide nutrition information. Order now!

Best meal kit that arrives cooked:

Hungry Root – They offer full meals, it’s cheap, and easy to make. Order now!

Click for great recipes to cook and shop at home!

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