Bitch Fit: Dieting With Packaged Food

OH-M-GEE! Before I go on my rant a bitch fit is when someone is angry and upset about something and starts whining/crying/yelling/screaming/throwing things when things don’t go their way.

I follow many fitness, diet, healthy living, essential oil, etc groups on Facebook. On these Facebook groups, people will share recipes they tried, low carb products sold in stores, fitness tips, or workout routines. I think that is all super amazing, GO TEAM! It is great to see a ton of people in these groups, who are motivating each other and sharing tips. I like to see people come together, I really do….It’s just the crap that these they are sharing really pisses me off!

Why does it piss me off that people are helping each other and so on? Simply because they are sharing a bunch of marketed, fake, even worse for you foods. And by sharing these products, they are helping these companies and marketing for them without even knowing that. It’s also these same people making long posts about how they are sad because they are not losing weight or actually gaining it (and not from working out). WELL IT’S BECAUSE YOUR EATING A BUNCH OF PROCESSED JUNK! 1. It’s not any better than how they were eating and 2. Some of the ingredients have worse effects then products already out there not targeting diets.
I wish I could be there for everyone in this world when they are at the grocery store purchasing food. Many people on diets see the rules to the diets and go, but rarely does anyone actually dig into the details or focus on what they are actually putting in their bodies. INGREDIENTS people! And NUTRITION LABELS! As consumers we need to be educated on how we shop and what we are putting in our bodies. Whatever diet you are following, if you rely on the marketing of the packaging without even looking on the back of the product, your SOL (shit out of luck).

 Education – Read The Nutrition Labels and Ingredients
Everyone who has made the decision to better their quality of life deserves to live a good one. However, the knowledge about food, cooking, and healthy living all need to be addressed. It is easy and quick to go to the store, throw all that precooked and prepackaged food into the cart because everything says diet on it, but you’re only risking your health just as much as not making lifestyle changes.

Dieting and bettering your quality of life is to actually focus on whole food and raw ingredients. This means eating more natural food from the ground and straight from the animal when you prepare meals or snacks. This doesn’t mean go find all the packaged food at the store labeled diet to fit your needs. This means cooking and reading nutrition labels and ingredients before buying and putting it into your body. This doesn’t mean trusting the large and bright colors on the front of a package.
For example: It doesn’t matter if you’re following a low fat, low carb, or whatever diet…this example applies to all! When you are in the grocery store, you see all these wonderful prepackaged foods with “Low Fat” or “low carb” on the front of the container, so you throw it into your cart and move onto the next prepackaged food labeled “Low Fat” or “Low Carb”. Jokes on you hunny, better check that nutrition label! I bet you the sugars, calories, and sodium are out of this world! When companies remove fat, they have to use more sugar, salt, and additives to make the food taste better. Next check that ingredient list, I guarantee the replacement sugars and additives are worse than if you just picked up a box of Cheezits instead.

Just so you know, those replacement ingredients are processed in your body worse than the most natural form of it which can cause health issues or stop you from reaching your goals.

Replacement Sugars and Additives
Sugar replacements were like the holy grail when I was young. Everyone went out and bought Splenda, then we had Stevia, Sweet N’ Low, and so on! Like anything, sugar substitutes can be a great thing when taken in moderation.
However, we run into problems from sugar substitutes if we are actually trying to make lifestyle changes and get healthy. When I go out purchasing packaged snacks for the weekly because frankly I am just too lazy to make some, I read the ingredients, making sure the list is short and that I understand every word on there. I often come across Maltitol, which is a sugar alcohol and I find this substance in a lot of marketed “low carb” food. When I find products like this, they go right back on the shelf! Maltitol is found in many sugar-free products, but people with diabetes should remember that it’s a carbohydrate. This means that it still has a glycemic index. While not as high as sugar, it still has an effect on blood glucose.

Be An Educated Consumer
Next time you go the store and think oh joy, this is low carb or low fat or low whatever, how great….think how not great and how much worse this is going to do me.  Today we have so many “diseases” shall you call them.  These “diseases” are totally preventable and reversible if you put whole foods into your body.  The less the food was handled, the less the ingredients a product contains, the better!
Suffering from anxiety, depression, sore joints, thyroid issues, etc?  Check what your putting into your body!  Here is a great article with reference links to studies done about processed foods.
I ask you for 2 months to stay away from processed foods and replacement additives!  Tell me how you feel after!
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