Fe Fit Women’s Workout Program Review

If you’re like me and not a fan of getting sweaty in the gym, then working out at home is where it’s at!
I purchased my first workout DVD set in 2010, it was the…don’t laugh, Brazilian Butt Lift. They promise you that Brazilian butt and while I have a big ol booty, the tv commercial I seen this advertised on, just called my name! I was hesitant to buy because at that time buying online wasn’t so common and it was a pretty penny! Eventually I just bit the bullet and ordered it! My videos came and I loved it! Before that I wasn’t working out on a daily basis, but DVD sets come with a schedule and routine to help keep you on track. As cheesy as these videos were, I started to love them and that is what turned me on to working out at home!
Then as I got into a more healthy lifestyle, I wanted to change up the workouts and focus on my whole body. So it was time to find a new workout DVD series and that is when I came across Fe Fit Women’s Workout Program
I was browsing for workout DVD’s on Amazon for a type of video that would fit my needs; 30 minute videos, full body workouts, and a schedule. Fe Fit Women’s Workout Program popped up where you can order the Basic Kit or the Deluxe kit. The Basic Kit is all the videos and information, but without the work out equipment, whereas the Deluxe Kit contains a workout bands and a circle. Since I didn’t own any of the equipment the video calls for, I bought the Deluxe kit, it doesn’t really cost that much more so why not!
I have been doing these videos for over a year now, so I wanted to write a review. Check it out below!
Fe Fit has come out with a newer version with options to do a 21 day or a 6-week rotation, but I purchased the original version which is a 90-day program.
This video series was “created for moms, by moms, who know how hectic life can be with kids to care for.” The series is dedicated to get in a great workout for each area of the body (arms, legs, and core) in as little as 30 minutes, 3x a week. The other 4 days on the Fe Fit calendar are for you to choose, for an example; active relaxation, stretching, or another workout DVD.
There are 28 different workouts in the program, every muscle group is targeted and targeted in a variety of different ways, working different area of the muscles. Besides the different videos to target each area, this series also contains cardio, barre, and stretching work outs..

What’s In The Box?

Basic Kit – Included in the Fe Fit workout kit are 8 DVDs containing a total of 28 workouts. There’s also the Fe Fit Quick Start Guide, a Health & Fitness Guide and a 90 Day Workout Calendar that comes with stickers.
Deluxe Kit – Included in the Fe Fit workout kit are 8 DVDs containing a total of 28 workouts. There’s also the Fe Fit Quick Start Guide, a Health & Fitness Guide, a 90 Day Workout Calendar that comes with stickers, resistance bands, and a Pilates ring.
If you didn’t purchase the Deluxe kit, that’s okay, you can do all of these workouts without the equipment! And if you’re up for it, purchase these from a local sporting good store. When the time comes you may also want to purchase a light set of dumbbells, like 3 or 5 pounders.

Fe Fit Essentials

The program is based on what is known as the Fe Fit Essentials. This consists of the following: Workout videos.
Total Body Tone – glutes, abs, arms, hips and legs. The workouts are fast paced, with high repetitions, putting your muscles to work.
Cardio – fat blasting interval cardio sessions to rev up your metabolism, improve endurance and give you the slim physique you want.
Upper Body – curve arms and brings definition to your back and chest.
Lower Body – Using weights in fast moving sets you’ll strengthen and slim your thighs and tone your glutes and calf muscles in no time.
Core – Put the power back in your powerhouse. Standing and mat abs work strengthens your entire core and creates a flat, sexy stomach.
Barre – Low impact workouts that offer high impact results. Sculpt your arms and tighten the stubborn areas around your hips and thighs with lunges, squats and isometric holds using a ballet barre or chair.
Stretch – Release tension in your body and increase your flexibility with these fun workouts.

What’s on the DVD’s?

Each DVD contains 2 week’s worth of workouts, so it pretty convenient considering these don’t need to be constantly changed out like other DVD series. There is also an optional background music that can be played with each work out.
• DVD 1/Week 1 – DVD 1 starts with a 2-minute introduction to Fe Fit. This is followed by a tutorial demonstrating the 7 Fe Fit Essentials. You will then move onto this week’s workout, which consists of Total Body Toning 1 (28 mins), Core 1 (29 mins) and Lower Body 1 (27 mins).
• DVD 2/Weeks 2 & 3 – DVD 2 contains the workouts for weeks 2 and 3. Week 2 you will be doing Cardio Circuit 1 (29 mins), Upper Body 1 (29 mins) and Barre 1 (30 mins). Week 3 comprises Core 2 (29 mins), Total Body 2 (28 mins) and Lower Body 2 (28 mins).
• DVD 3/Weeks 4 & 5 – DVD 3 contains the workouts for weeks 4 and 5. Week 4’s workouts comprise Cardio Circuit 2 (28 mins), Upper Body 2 (27 mins) and Barre 2 (29 mins). Week 5’s workouts consist of Total Body Toning 3 (29 mins), Upper Body 3 (27 mins) and Barre 3 (27 mins).
• DVD 4/Weeks 6 & 7 – DVD 4 contains the workouts for weeks 6 and 7. Week 6’s workouts are Core 3 (28 mins), Lower Body 3 (28 mins) and Cardio 3 (29 mins). Week 7’s workouts consist of Best of Upper Body 4 (28 mins), Best of Total Body Toning 4 (29 mins) and Best of Barre 4 (28 mins).
• DVD 5/Weeks 8 & 9 – DVD 5 contain the workouts for weeks 8 and 9. Week 8’s workouts comprise Best of Cardio Circuit 4 (29 mins), Best of Core 4 (29 mins) and Best of Lower Body 4 (30 mins). Week 9’s workouts are Upper Body 1 (29 mins), Barre 1 (30 mins) and Total Body Toning 1 (28 mins).
• DVD 6/Weeks 10 & 11 – DVD 6 contains the workouts for weeks 10 and 11. Week 10 you will be doing Lower Body 1 (27 mins), Core 1 (29 mins) and Cardio Circuit 1 (29 mins). Week 11 consists of Upper Body 2 (27 mins), Barre 2 (29 mins) and Total Body Toning 2 (28 mins).
• DVD 7/Weeks 12 & 13 – DVD 7 contains the workouts for weeks 12 and 13. Week 12’s workouts include Lower Body 2 (28 mins), Core 2 (29 mins) and Cardio Circuit 2 (28 mins). Week 13’s workouts are Barre 3 (27 mins), Total Body Toning 3 (29 mins) and Cardio Circuit 3 (29 mins).
• DVD 8/Optional workouts – DVD 8 contains 4 optional Stretch Flow Workouts. These include Stretch Flow 1 (20 mins), Stretch Flow 2 (20 mins), Stretch Flow 3 (19 mins) and Best of Stretch Flow 4 (28 mins).

My Opinion of Fe Fit Women’s Workout Program

Overall I love this product. Since this series is only a 90 day program, I usually rotate in the 28 different workouts with some of the other DVD’s I own to create my own routine. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a 30-minute challenging workout, that leaves you feeling great after!
  • I really truly enjoy this workout series. They are only 30 minutes long, so I am able to squeeze this workout into my day. Some say 30 minutes is not enough, but my body feels great after each workout and I have noticeable differences.
  • The instructor and other women in the video are super positive and motivating!
  • There are 28 different workouts so it offers a ton of variety, so I am never bored. For some of the other DVD’s I rotate in my schedule, I can speak just about every verse of the whole video, but not for Fe Fit! It’s also nice because sometimes I don’t want to do a sweaty workout or work too hard that day, like Mondays, so I can just do 1 of the 4 stretch videos and still feel great!
  • My other favorite thing when it comes to these videos is the countdown timer. It’s a form of push and motivation for me knowing how much time I put in and then how much time I have left!
  • The calendars come with stickers that make it easy to track the workouts.

  • Fe Fit is targeted for women. These workout series should actually be targeted for more than just women, with the focus of moms.
  • “Mommy talk,” The mom talks also takes away from target marketing as they should actually target more than just moms and women. It can be pretty annoying at times, considering I am not a mom and may never be a mom, but my day is still hectic.
  • The DVDs in the 4th set are made up of splices from the 1st 3 sets of workouts. The editing is pretty bad, so it is noticeable and frustrating, as well as a bit deceiving. Whether this was done to save time or money, I feel cheated in a way.
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Have you tried the Fe Fit series?  I would love to hear from you!  Let us know about your experience!