How YOU can be FIT @ work!

Many of us workout only in the morning, in evening, or both.  Which is great, but what is even better is to be moving throughout the whole day!  It’s great to keep your body moving all day and get in a couple of extra workouts and stretches throughout the day.  If you are a pencil pusher like me, we sit at a desk for roughly 6 hours a day.  There is nothing wrong with being a pencil pusher, but I personally feel like my butt gets bigger by the second so I try to get in a little more movement throughout my day.  I like to get up hourly if my day allows me or in between meetings.

By getting up and moving every hour, you are not only waking your body up physically, but also mentally.  Whenever you are standing, your body is using muscles, which consumes sugar and affects triglycerides.  And all of that, can help with your health so much more like lower diabetes, lower cholesterol, and reduce heart disease.  When you get up and move around, your brain is also re-waking itself up allowing for better focus, concentration, and creativity.  Going for short strolls and stretches definitely wake me back up after doing a head nod or two, just kidding boss, if you’re reading this.

Here are a few ways for you to get up during the day:
Group stretches
Grab some of your friends and organize a couple of 15 minute stretch sessions in the morning and afternoon.  Set up an appointment for 8 am and 3pm to get everyone together and go through a few different stretches.  This is a great time to catch up with them, unwind, and relax during those hectic days.  Maybe you are new to the company or work near any other employees?  Talk to your boss or HR person to try and organize a group meeting for folks in the company who would like to get in a good stretch during the day.  Find a meeting place that is convenient for everyone and lead your new group through the stretches.  And if neither of those options don’t work for you, do your own stretch sessions at your desk, in a quiet place, or maybe even a meeting room.
Just make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes or don’t pick stretches that may stretch some of your clothes, like I have done.  One of my not so proud moments 😊
Every hour
Get up and move every hour on the dot, no excuses!  The best way I have found to remind myself every hour is to set up an alarm on my computer.  My reminders are set up on my computer to pop up and say “GET UP AND MOVE THAT BIG BOOTY.”  Possibly your note may have something more inspirational or kind to remind yourself.  Either way, setting an alarm, whether it’s on your computer, your phone, or smart watch, just set one up.
So you have set your alarm to get up, now what do you do?  You can go for a walk around the building, you can do some more stretches, walk up and down a flight of stairs a couple of times.  Switch it up, just get up and move!  If you don’t work at a large building like I do, would your boss mind if you walked outside for 10 minutes?  I mean can they really say no?  You are wanting to improve your health and it’s better than going outside to smoke on the hour for 10 minutes.  If you have thought and thought and exhausted your options because there literally is no way you can walk around for 10 minutes, then stretch instead!  I don’t want to hear any poor excuses of you cannot stretch anywhere either because every building has one private personal space where no one will ever see you, and that is the bathroom stall!  Sure, some folks might snicker because you have been in the bathroom for 10 minutes, but jokes on them!  You are just being a healthier, fit you!
At Lunch
Your lunch break is the perfect time to squeeze in some fit and healthy activities.  If you have a half hour, no problem, if you have an hour even better!
Go for a walk!  A lot of larger companies pave beautiful paths on the outside of the building that employees can use whenever they want.  Maybe your company doesn’t have its own walking path and that’s okay.  Check into any parks or trails nearby where you work, that maybe you can even walk to, to get there.  And if your still struggling, then find a park or path that is within a 5-10 minute drive that you can walk at.  Going for a walk at lunch is also another great opportunity to get some of your best work friends together and get some exercise in for the day.

Another thing a lot of companies have to offer or are starting to offer is a small gym or room with exercise equipment.  A company I used to work out had equipment from like the early 1900’s I would guess and had showers for the shop guys.  So when I didn’t have my own equipment it was like a free gym membership that I would use after work.  So check out if your company owns any of its own equipment that employees are able to use.  These small workout rooms are great to hit up before work, after work, and even on your lunch break!  Bring a set of exercise clothes and shoes so you don’t get all stinky for the remainder of your work day.  If your company doesn’t offer anything like this, then check out some local gyms in the area that you can hit up on your lunch break!  Some companies may even offer reimbursement for a gym membership, check with your HR person!

NOW you have all the information you need to get up and move during the day.  I even offered up some alternative ways and ideas, so I don’t want to hear any excuses as to why you can’t do any of these!  I am a person who loves to solve problems 😊
No Gym no problem, check out Work Out Anywhere.  They have a ton of great programs, memberships, and coaching to help!
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How do you stay fit at work?  Share below!