14 Vegetables You Need In Your Life This Winter

Good bye fall and hello to cold man winter!  Lets enjoy this winter together with some good warm comfort winter vegetables!

Health experts often say you should eat foods in your diet that are grown at the time you are eating them. So a person would typically eat squash and apricots in the fall, turnips and pears in winter, asparagus and strawberries in spring, watermelon and cucumbers in summer. Eating seasonally carries benefits to your health, the planet, and your wallet.

Getting more bang for your buck!

When we eat seasonally and locally, one you are saving money, two you’re supporting local business, and most importantly, three the food taste better and four, it holds the most nutrition.  Not to mention, the produce is at their normal size and not on steroids from the chemicals the big companies use.

Eating seasonally means you eat the fruits and vegetables that grow best during that specific season.  This means the produce that is grown will be at its best color, nutrition, and taste because it is being grown in its most ideal weather.  If you buy the produce that is in season locally, the taste will be even richer and fresher since it didn’t have to travel miles in a truck to get to corporate grocery store.  When purchasing produce locally, you also know where your food is coming from and can find out if and what chemicals were used in the fields.

Buying the produce that is in season saves money because it is at the peak of its supply, and costs less to farmers and distribution companies to harvest and get to your grocery store.

When you buy products that are not in season, they have to be shipped from somewhere around the world.  They are picked earlier to ensure that the produce look fresh and colorful when they are received by the grocery store.  Many of out of season produce comes from other countries, which requires long travel times to make it to the store, so during these transports the produce matures versus shrinking and rotting.

Helps to rotate the foods you consume, providing more of a variety of foods and nutrients

Eating what's in season allows you to get a broader variety of foods in your diet. Those foods can also help you eat a more well-rounded and balanced diet as well.  Expanding your horizons a little more can open the door to more delicious food that you can get and prepare cheaply.

Check out these awesome recipes using winter produce:

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