Essential Oils: DIY Products, Uses, And Tips!

I had always been interested in the idea of essential oils, but was a bit overwhelmed.  Questions came up like “what do I use these for?” “What brands are good, which ones are not?”  “What oils do I buy?”  “What are oil blends.”

Check out tons of my favorite DIY products using essential oils

During my own health intervention is when I decided I needed to take the time to research all this essential oil stuff.  And wow, to my surprise you can use oils for just about anything!  They are especially useful to replace a lot of the chemicals that are in many household items, beauty products, health products, and more.  Essential oils are also great to diffuse.  I have several diffusers in each room and have a car diffuser that I purchased from doTERRA.
Then I researched what oils I would want for myself.  There are many companies that sell “make you’re own bundles” which was a great option for me.  I purchased a 14 pack, plus a couple individual essential oils in order to make my own products.
Now, the hard part, finding the best brand of oils!  Just like any organic products that are on the market, you have to read the ingredients and research a bit more.  Many companies are able to label their products as organic, if it contains just one organic
material, or does not include one certain chemical.  But this doesn’t mean the whole entire product is organic.  AGAIN!!  It is up to us consumers to do our own research and not just agree with what the marketing label or commercial says.  For essential oils, you don’t want to go too cheap because chances are its not of a good quality, but also you don’t want to break the bank for essential oils.

Why Use Essential Oils

The chemicals in commercial brand products are extremely harmful to your family, friends, pets, and anyone else who comes in contact with them!
I have seen the positive effects of reducing the amount of chemicals in my life. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which is basically a hormone defect, that is greatly affected by chemicals. Since making these lifestyle changes, the symptoms of my PCOS have been greatly reduced. I am not a doctor and some of you probably think I am just nuts, so check out this instead. The negative effects chemicals have on your body.

Just because you don’t see your body damaged on the outside, doesn’t mean it is okay on the inside.

I hear the comment a lot “why do you live like that, you look fine.” I have heard this comment personally and being said to others, for years! For me, it is a way of life both in and out, just because someone doesn’t look sickly on the outside, doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with something eternally. I have always appeared healthy on the inside, but it wasn’t until I slowly made changes to drop chemicals from my life. The anxiety I thought I would struggle with every day is gone, my symptoms of PCOS have decreased, and I just overall have a more joyful feeling every day.

Benefits of Essential Oils

  • Improve immunity and speed illness recovery
  • Helps with infections (under the care of a professional)
  • Balance hormones
  • Make homemade beauty products
  • Replace household products that contain harmful chemicals

Check out tons of my favorite DIY products using essential oils

How to Use Essential Oils

Apply to the Skin

When using essential oils to apply to the skin, be sure to mix only a couple of drops with a carrier oil. The oils are too concentrated to apply directly to the skin, usually without causing a reaction. First you will want to test out a small area of skin, just in case you have a reaction to the oil. There are so many oils that can be used for different skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, scars, dry skin, or rashes. Essential oils can be applied to the skin for other benefits besides skin conditions. For an example, blends can be made to help you focus, be calm, muscle pains, stomach aches, and so on. Essential oils are great for aromatherapy as well when the oils are mixed with a carrier oil.

Use a Diffuser
To use an ultrasonic diffuser, you simply add the amount of suggested drops of oil with the suggested amount of water. The diffuser will disperse the oils through vapor and into the air. The amount of vapor that comes from the diffuser makes it easy to inhale and leaves the room smelling super awesome! I love all of my doTERRA diffusers and even buy gifts for my friends and family from there. I suggest theirs if you are getting your first one! They are reasonably priced and work great!

User Diffuser Reeds
These reeds seemed to be pretty popular in the late 90’s, but didn’t quite take off. But now you can actually buy decorative reeds, like ones that are flowers or lady bugs, swirly classy sticks and so on. However reeds don’t quite fill the air like a diffuser does, so I actually only keep one set each in my bathrooms. To use diffuser reeds, you simply let the reeds soak them in your oils for about 20 minutes, turn them around so they are upright, and enjoy the scents. The scent from reeds don’t last long, so you would need to continue to do this more often.
 Steam Inhalation

Another great way to take in essential oils is inhalation. Steam inhalation is super awesome to do when you have a cold,
sinuses, or stuffy nose, it can help to clear away those symptoms. Simply just boil a few cups of water and add about 5 drops of oils to the water. Put your head over your essential oil mixture and put a towel over both you and bowl. Inhale the steam from the bowl as much as needed, but if you have discomfort stop right away.
If you don’t have time for steam inhalation you can always try inhaling without the steam. The inhalation of essential
oils are still great to use for colds, sinuses, and a stuffy nose. Add only a couple of drops to a tissue and inhale the scent from the tissue. Avoid put the essential oils in your palms to inhale as you can’t be sure how your skin will react to the oils being placed directly on your skin. Some oils can be inhaled directly from the bottle. Check the labels and with the company of your essential oils first, to ensure the scent can be inhaled.

Bath or Spa

Want to add a little more umph to your relaxing bath? The best way to add essential oils to your bath is with salt. Ever hear of salt
bombs? You can definitely make these yourself or pick some up in the store. Check the ingredients of the store bought bath bombs to ensure they are using pure ingredients first. Otherwise pick up a box of epsom salt and combine with your favorite oils, then just pour into your bath and enjoy.
If you want a little added relaxation to your shower, just add a couple of drops of oil to a small ceramic or glass container. The steam from the shower will lift those amazing scents into the air for a relaxing shower.

Take Internally

CAUTION!!!! Only some essential oils can be taken safely internally. Check the label on the bottle or with the brand to identify if it is safe to take your oils internally. When some oils are taken internally they can have an amazing effect on our bodies.

Check out tons of my favorite DIY products using essential oils

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