Why Daily Harvest Is My Favorite "Meal Kit"

Let me start over….Daily Harvest is my favorite FROZEN, SUPER FOOD, for QUICK and HEALTHY meals!  They are definitely not a meal kit service and shouldn’t be compared to that because they stand out and offer highly respectable products!

 I call them my favorite “meal kit” because I was searching for months for ways to cut down on the amount of time it takes to search for recipes that fit my PCOS life, grocery shop, prepare fresh meals, AND snacks..we all love snacks AND Daily Harvest did just that!  I tried a couple of real meal kit services but found that 99% of them don’t comply with my health needs as a lady with PCOS, meaning they were high carb, high sugar, high sodium, contained dairy and gluten, and so on!  In my experience with PCOS, I found myself to be the best on a low carb/paleo dieting scheme.

To break it all down, on their website, you can actually search for “cups” as they refer to them for your special diet needs or no needs at all!  I was able to search for and find a huge variety of cups that are low carb and delicious.  Daily Harvest cups, whether you are looking for smoothies, harvest bowls, oats, soups, lattes, and parfaits are literally frozen superfoods in a very much recyclable cup (another reason I love this company). 
  • If you want a soup, you literally just add water or your favorite broth, heat it up on the                 stove, or in the microwave, and vahlah!  You can eat, in literally less then 5 minutes!
  • I love to have a smoothie, oats, or parfait for breakfast AND guess what!?  All I have to do is add my version of milk (great option!), throw it in the blender (smoothies only, well you can blend all of them if your hear desires), and its done!
In each cup, it is the simplest ingredients that are labeled boldly on each cup…the best part, I bet you can read and pronounce all of them!  Daily Harvest takes super foods, vegetables, and fruits, freezing them into cups and ship them off to you!  It sounds simple, I know, and anyone can put these cups together themselves, but that’s where it becomes time consuming: finding foods/super foods that taste good together, chopping up ingredients, measuring ingredients, food goes bad if you don’t use it up, and the quality of your produce may be off!

Daily Harvest is completely affordable too!  I did a little cost analysis against my time and typical grocery bill to decide if I should subscribe monthly or not and well it panned out pretty evenly.  I do the monthly subscription of 24 boxes.  Typically I will order 15 breakfast type options, which I forgot to mention, all smoothies, oats, and parfaits are 2 servings each!!!  With the remaining cups, I usually order harvest bowls and soups.

I found that the cost of buying ingredients to make breakfast and the time it takes to find recipes, shop, and cook, that it was simpler and around the same price as cooking homemade.  Previous to Daily Harvest, I would also find recipes, shop for, and cook for meals on the weekends, but ended up freezing or wasting so much food because I was on the go or out to dinner with friends and so on…BUT NOW, I eat the Harvest Bowls from Daily Harvest on the weekends so I am definitely saving time as well cost!

Monthly - 24 cup box - $6.99 per cup

Weekly – 6 ($7.99 per cup), 9 ($7.75 per cup), 12 ($7.49 per cup), 24 ($6.99 per cup)

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Harvest Bowls



Overnight Oats and Chia Parfaits


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