My Escharotics Journey for HPV, Cervical Dysplasia, and Pre-Cervical Cancer

I have had abnormal paps for the last 6, going on 7 years (2012 to 2019).  So that I don't bore you with the long journey I have been on so far, I will keep it short and sweet!  Since I have just started my first treatment of escharotics, I will come back every week to update you all on my progress (pictures included).

Terms and definitions before we start:


****This is not medical advice, nor am I telling you to do escharotics, that is your decision!  I am only taking you through my journey of escharotics.  Always speak with your physicians and doctors first!****

2012 to 2016
For these 4 years, I was told I had abnormal paps, but it was okay because it will clear itself in the body usually.  Stupid me didn't think to do my own research about HPV and left the doctors office thinking I would be okay.  DO YOUR RESEARCH LADIES!

2016 - January 2019
After another yearly pap I was told, I have severe dysplasia and needed to get a coloscopy.  I scheduled the coloscopy where I was again reassured that this disease clears itself and I have nothing to worry about...until a couple days later when they called to tell me to get a LEEP done because I have CIN3.  At this point in my life, I had begun to do my own research on health, so I spent hours upon hours reading about HPV, CIN3, LEEPS, etc.  This is when I came across the alternative treatment for escharotics and decided that is what I want to do!  I also learned that your immune system is supposed to fight this disease and that is why doctors show little concern for this...Except my immune system clearly isn't fighting anything, in fact it is being lousy!

I was trying to locate the closest escharotics clinic, but there was only a few states that I could actually find this in (only 1 in Illinois, but the reviews of this clinic were no where near great).  Turns out there are some fine lines to practicing this treatment in certain states.  My next move was to make an appointment with a nature path to boost my immune system and learn where the next nearest escharotics clinic was.  I was informed at the nature path clinic that they have successfully treated HPV with only supplements (even though no one 100% knows what is best for your body to fight this).  I decided to continue going to this clinic for 2 years and taking a cocktail of supplements each day (24 a day to be exact), where no improvements were made to my severe dysplasia.

At this point, I decided to try another nature path clinic where I was told over the phone they do escharotics.  It is a nice clinic and again the doctor is very informative, however upon my arrival, I was told no, they do not do escharotics there and would refer me to Connecticut if that is really want I wanted.  They put me on a different round of cocktail supplements (22 this time), made a follow up appointment for 4 weeks and back home I went.

January 11th - I went in for my 6 month pap smear check up at the local hospital.  The nurse came in to do the typical check up on your health and told me, my June pap was a huge improvement.  I was so over joyed and super hopeful for these pap results to show even better.  The doctor came in and I told her how great my June pap was....Her response "that is not better, that is actually way worse!"  So now I am laying here in this awkward position with my legs up and the doctor in my crotch and disappointed once again.  In about a weeks time I received the call that I still had severe cervical dysplasia.  They told me "you should get another LEEP." WHAT?!  Another LEEP, I haven't even had one yet I replied.  Then the confused voice on the other end of the line says "well go get a coloscopy or a Leep....Like okay lady.  Considering I have done extensive research over the last 2 years and decided I never want to do a LEEP, I decided on another colp to screen for cancer.

January 22nd- It's time to go in again and lay in that awkward position and let yet another stranger poke and prod me!  My original OBGYN had actually retired, so I was left to find all new doctors.  Upon meeting the new doc, she was super informative and extremely nice.  I felt super comfortable with her and the nurse.  They even turned on the tv monitor for me to see my own inflamed cervix, yuck!  The awkward procedure was over and I was left with the worst cramps and bleeding I have ever had from a colp, but whatever, I was happy it was done!

January 25th (Friday) @ 5pm - Keep in mind, the bold date of the week and time!  I am happily driving to my friends house for her birthday party when I receive a call from the nurse about my colp results.  The nurse informs me I have to make an appointment immediately, but does not have my test results in front of her, and the doctor has left for the day.  LIKE WTF!!!!  Let me just ponder on that all weekend.  Thankfully the nurse was able to get a hold of the doctor who called me 10 minutes later....But at this point I was already sitting outside my friends house crying.  I answered the phone where the doctor calmly and softly proceeded to tell me that cancer showed up in my cervix.  I was devastated and the appointment with her to discuss my options could not come soon enough.

January 29th - My mother came with me to this appointment, you know because I have cancer and all now so shit is getting serious.  WELL, in the first 5 minutes, the doctor told me no I do not have cancer, and my test results are not much different then 2 years ago...So as I suspected over the weekend, I was being scared into getting a LEEP.  This appointment frankly pissed me off terribly that I went home to try AGAIN to find any sort of escharotics place near Wisconsin or find out how much going to Connecticut would cost.

January 31st - Low and behold out of a random blog post, I found a clinic only 2 hours from my home!  AND I was able to get an appointment the next day due to hell freezing over (It was -50 degrees out for 2 days plus a snow storm).

Here is where the fun begins! 

Escahrotic Treatment #1

February 1st - My mother drove down with me to my first escharotics treatment.  We were there for a couple of hours because they do a new patient appoint first, going over previous test results, diet, supplements, etc.  During this time the doctors also give you information about your current health and what may help you improve your health (patient plan).  After all the mumbo jumbo we finally got to the treatment (I have been wanting to do this for 2 years!).  The un-fun part of this is you have to lay down in that awkward position with your legs up and your butt scooted all the way to the end of the bench.  However, I was more then happy to do that this time!  I am in my ready position where the doctor mixed up a special concoction, sprayed it on my cervix, and then used a Q-tip to apply the solution to my endocervical glands.  When we were done, she showed me the before and after pictures (I will share these photos as soon as I get them!).  I had minor cramping when the treatment was over, but I was good to go, we left the clinic and headed home!

Take away notes: 
  • This is a super quick application (each treatment is only 15 minutes long).
  • Depending on the severity of your cervical dysplasia, the amount of treatments you need will vary.
  • You may or may not get cramps afterward.
  • Nothing goes in your vagina until your treatment is complete (could be up to 12 weeks).
  • There is a lot of colorful discharge after these treatments, so its recommended to wear a pad (always!).

Escahrotic Treatment #2

February 8th - Visit number 2 was awkward as usual, I don’t think I will ever get used of someone digging around in my crotch.  On the last visit, I was advised to either take aspirin or willow bark before the treatment to cut down on the cramps.  Being the hippie that I am, I choose to take willow bark.  I took about a total of 3 droppers (1 in the morning, 1 an hr before the visit, and 1 after the visit).  It definitely helped to cut down the intensity of the cramps!  But oddly enough I am pretty sure these treatments give me gas, I was extra gassy the previous week too!  So I think the cramps are a mixture of both, not to mention my period should be coming soon!

Speaking of periods, if you get one (I say that because I have PCOS and my periods aren’t on point), they skip that week of treatment unless your flow is light.  They do this because they want to be able to get a good coat of the solution on your cervix, but if you have your period, it can be difficult.

At the end of the treatment the doctor showed me my before and after pictures again. There wasn’t too much of a difference, except it was starting to look as if the little bumps on my cervix were starting to fall off, so gross!  The doctor said not to be surprised if I start to see chunks coming out, again so gross!  But she gave a wonderful definition of escharotics, which is basically a gentle chemical peel for your cervix 😊   Who doesn’t love a good chemical peel!?

I promised photos for each week, but at this visit I was informed I will get my very own flash drive of my progress at the end of the treatment!  So I have grabbed a couple photos from online to show you what a HPV cervix looks like, one right after escharotics treatment, and a healthy cervix.  The doctor also showed me 3 other HPV cervix’s, which all look so different!  I am “assuming” the different strains of HPV cause the different reactions on the cervix.

Above photo: healthy cervix vs. different stages vs cancer

Above photo: a cervix right after an escharotics treatment

February 15th - Everyone's favorite Aunt Flo came to visit this week so I chose to opt out of treatment this week.  While it is possible for treatment to happen during her visit, it is also okay to skip during a heavy flow. 

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