Fitness is a huge part of healthy living and well being.  My Dad always told me, there will be a day you can’t just eat everything and not gain a pound.  As much as I didn’t want to believe him, it came true!  I have been pretty active my whole life, but nothing too serious, but that was the day, I focused more on fitness.

Working out isn’t just to be thin and lean or just working out to lose weight.  Being fit and exercising also plays a huge role on other parts of your body, like your heart, energy levels, hormones, etc.  Being active throughout the day or trying to add just a bit of exercise throughout your day will mean everything to your body!

Maybe you work a lot, work out of town, busy with life, or whatever it may be, but basically you have no time to set aside?  I fall into the categories above or maybe I was just making excuses to actually working out.  I get it!  It’s not for everyone, but that’s why you need to find what works for you!  I switch up my workouts on my mood or time of day….If I workout in the morning, typically I do Yoga or Pilates, basically something that requires little work and sweating.  Weekends I like to do stretching and something outside.
You just have to find that routine that works for you and what type of exercise you will enjoy doing!

Places to start

  • 30 minute workout videos – If you don’t like to leave your home or know what workout to do.
  • Yoga/ Pilates – If you don’t like to jump around and be sweaty
  • Gym – For those who need motivation from others and need to get out of their house to do it
  • Hobby – Maybe its hiking, walking, biking, kayaking…Pick one! And do it!  Do it daily!

Weekly Workout Routine

  • Monday – Leg day
  • Tuesday – Arm day
  • Wednesday – Core day
  • Thursday – Cardio
  • Friday – Leg day
  • Saturday – Full body stretch
  • Sunday – Fun activity (yoga, walk, hike, bike, etc.   

Commercial Workouts

Don’t like to get up before work to workout?  Don’t feel like working out once you get home from work?  I know I don’t like to do either!  But I know I do love to watch t.v. after a long day.
I know we all love to binge watch whatever app it may be.  But for commercial workouts, this is the only time I will say you have to settle for regular t.v.  Two minute workouts during commercials are awesome for you and your wellness!  So check out some commercial reps below and get to it!
I suggest picking one 2 minute image and do that for each commercial for the day.  Then day two, pick another 2 minute workout and focus on that one for the day.  Check out my schedule below….Personally, I do leg day 2x a week because of my thunder thighs and big ol booty!

Upper Body


Lower Body

Total Body

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