Recommended Products

doTERRA Essential Oils

"Take Control Of Your Health"  doTERRA offers more then just quality essential oils.  These additional products include personal care, supplements, diffusers, weight management products, household products, and more!  There are so many essential oil companies out there, but not many of them have pure quality oils like doTERRA.  I chose doTERRA because they work with growers around the world, growing their plants in their best environment to achieve amazing results.  DoTerra is heavily involved in both local and international charitable activities.

Daily Harvest 

After trying out several meal programs and meal kits, I have picked out my top 3!  I absolutely love what these companies do and what they bring to the table!  These meal kits are definitely a time saver when there is no time to grocery shop or cook!
These are perfect “On The Go” meals!  I love to use my Daily Harvest cups for the weekends or if I didn’t have time to meal prep on my normal Sunday.  I always have a quick grab to go food in which I can use to heat up without creating more dishes.  They have tons of choices for breakfast, smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, deserts, and the list keeps growing!  Check them out now for 3 FREE cups!

Perfect Keto

The ketogenic diet can be an excellent tool when your main goal is to lose weight and obtain optimal overall health — in an easy and natural way. Although it’s not for everyone, it has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose fat, while gaining greater mental and physical performance, and maintaining energy from morning to bedtime.
Aside for the treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, neurological disease and diabetes, patients who successfully transitioned into a ketogenic lifestyle experienced the most significant improvements in fat loss, physical output, and overall health markers. To understand exactly why this happens, take a few minutes to read this.
No doubt, most people out there looking to improve their lives have a lot to benefit from the ketogenic diet. The thousands of positive customer reviews we have for our products can back this up.  They have so many products; Ketone Test StripsExogenous Keto BasePre-WorkoutNut ButterMCT Oil SoftgelsKeto Matcha Latte with MCT Oil PowderKeto Green Powder MCT Oil PowderPure MCT OilGrass Fed Keto Collagen PowderKeto NootropicMCT Collagen CapsPerfect Keto Starter Bundle, Keto Bars, and the list keeps growing!

King Kanine

King Kanine has an amazing product line including CBD infused treats, CBD oils, and grooming supplies for your pet!  As a pet care provider, I meet new furbabies all the time!  I love referring my customers to King Kanine for their special pets that may be battling some serious health conditions, who have tried everything to help their ailing pet!  CBD oil is known to help with mental disorders, as well as physical pain!  Try King Kanine products today!  If you don’t believe me, check out other outstanding reviews!